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Laser Welding and Micro Tig for Aerospace and Medical Applications

Laser Welding and Micro Tig for Aerospace and Medical Applications

Kevin Bawol

Wednesday Nov 23rd, 2022

As a 4th generation veteran operated micro welding operation with over 80 years of experience, Lewis Bawol Welding was more than up to the challenge.  We’ve continued to service this customer with these complex micro laser welds and our relationship continues to grow.  The project described above is exactly the type of work where Lewis Bawol shines: Complex, precision, laser welding and micro tig welding, with fast turnaround and competitive pricing. 


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Typical Applications of Micro Welding for Aerospace


In addition to the inherent difficulties in welding exotic materials used in aerospace, these welded components require an extra level of precision, durability and tolerance to extreme conditions.  Some typical applications of micro welding for aerospace include: 

  • Sensors
  • Circuit boards
  • Honeycomb and mesh
  • Dimensional buildup and repair
  • Battery components
  • Valves and actuators 

These parts are often made of exotic materials like inconel, aluminum alloys, semiconductors, titanium and more.  Lewis Bawol has an outstanding reputation of quality and reliability in micro welding for aerospace applications. 


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Applications of Micro Welding for Medical

Microscopic welding for medical applications requires precision as these components often hold a life saving or life sustaining function. Our customers trust that when a micro weld needs to serve a life saving function, Lewis Bawol will deliver.  We have experience in micro welding for a range of medical applications, from disposable medical tools, to repairing tooling for manufacturing injection molded or cast parts.  Some common applications for micro welding in the medical industry include: 

  • Plastic injection molds
  • Surgical tools
  • Arthroscopic instruments
  • Implants
  • Alignment guides
  • Endoscopic instruments
  • Sensors and electronics

Experience makes the difference in Micro Welding


Welding dissimilar substrates ranging from tool steels to Beryllium Copper with microscopic tolerances requires a sophisticated understanding of how these materials will expand and contract throughout all phases of the welding process.  The process for welding these materials often requires pre-heating the parts, laser or tig welding under a microscope, and initiating a slow cool down period to avoid cracks or distortions.  


Other Micro Tig Welding and Laser Welding Capabilities

In addition to our knowledge of material characteristics and their implications for welding them microscopically, Lewis Bawol maintains quality systems that ensure consistency and precision for every part.  We offer Tig, and Laser welding and can do hybrid Tig/Laser welding when needed for certain parts. Most welded parts require cleaning and surface preparation before the part is welded, and polishing or cleaning after to ensure the part performs in its final application. If the part had previously been welded, we can precisely remove old weld and ensure surfaces are prepared for the strongest new weld.  Often EDM surfaces require grinding or other surface preparation for both Tig and Laser welding as the EDM process creates a hardened re-cast surface that can make controlling the weld difficult.   Lewis Bawol has a full complement of surface preparation processes including grinding, ultrasonic cleaning, and bead blast.  


Why Choose Lewis Bawol for Aerospace and Medical Microscopic Welding Services


Our customers know us for our ability to problem solve, make manufacturability recommendations, design, and to produce highly precise welds reliably and consistently.  We focus on communication, and the expert micro welder working on your part is a phone call or text away.  We find that an open communication channel is the best way to ensure fast turnaround and customer satisfaction.  In addition to micro welding aerospace and medical components, we specialize in tool and die repair welding, and welding semiconductors and other difficult materials.  Many of our customers are involved in research and development projects which require our material expertise and problem solving capabilities.  This type of project also requires on-going communication and a high-level vision of the end function of the component.  If you need a reliable micro welding partner and experience, precision, and turnaround time matters to you, Lewis Bawol is ready to help.


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