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Micro Welding Services & Injection Mold Repair Welding Since 1954

We remain committed to discovering creative solutions for your most difficult repair challenges. Our quality of work and turnaround times are unrivaled.

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Precision Micro Welding Services Offer Rapid Turnaround Injection Mold Repair and Reduced Molder Downtime

Read our micro welding case study and how X-Cell Tool & Mold is one of many tool and die manufacturers who relies on outsourced, high-quality welding repairs from Lewis-Bawol Welding to ensure its customers' molds are back in production quickly and affordably.  Lewis-Bawol Welding provided fast turnaround high precision micro welding to repair gates and mold surface area to restore a high production tool to original dimensions with no witness lines or evidence of repair.  We pride ourselves in our speed of micro weld repair, even for complex jobs.  This case study outlines how we were able to get the mold back into production in only 24 hours.  

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Reduce Production Line Downtime.

Our vast experience in the defense, aerospace, medical, energy, and automotive industries allows us to provide fast turnaround injection mold repair and tool and die repair in any space.

Our quality of work and quick turnaround times are unparalleled compared to our competitors. Lewis-Bawol Welding strives to create long-term relationships and we pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers about pricing and proprietary information security. We provide laser micro welding, and fast turnaround tool and die and injection mold repair services  We use the most advanced technology and procedures to determine the best type of precise alterations your mold needs. Based on our experience and depending on the condition of the part, they may need to be rebuilt rather than welded. We have been laser welding since 2000 and micro TIG welding under microscopes since 1988.  We have unmatched experience in provide complex micro weldments with tight tolerance and fast turnaround.  Our customers needing welding in the aerospace industry, medical industry and others know that when precision matters, they need to call Lewis Bawol Welding.