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Micro welding tool repair

Tool and Mold Welding Services for Revision and Repair

Kevin Bawol

Friday Dec 16th, 2022

Tool and Mold Welding is the process of using laser welding to create a buildup on the damaged mold surface, so that surface can be machined back to original dimensions. This process is often used to refurbish molds used for plastics, rubber, metal casting and more.  Laser welding is also used for mold revision in cases where the original mold design is found to underperform. 

laser welding

Laser Welding and Micro Tig for Aerospace and Medical Applications

Kevin Bawol

Wednesday Nov 23rd, 2022

An aerospace OEM had a R&D project that involved a complex laser welded component that adjoined a titanium mesh to solid titanium.  Given the precision tolerance needed for the part as well as the difficulty in producing an effective weld between the two material types, finding a laser welding company that had the experience in these types of welds was challenging to say the least!