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Precision Laser & Micro Tig Welding Specialists of Tools, Dies & injection Molds

Don't let our name fool you. We are more than just welders. We are innovators in the art of precision tool, die and injection mold welding and repair. Our company remains committed to discovering creative solutions for even your most difficult repair challenges.

More than 50 years and three generations of welders meeting challenging job requirements.

Welders with Bachelor of Science and Associates Degrees in Welding Engineering.

Lewis Bawol Welding determines what type of precise alterations your molds need, and utilizes the most advanced technology and procedures. Our proprietary tool and die welding techniques have been developed and proven during nearly half a century of meeting individual requirements of demanding customers in an exacting field.

We offer same-day service to customers nationwide and internationally via UPS, Federal Express and Air Cargo. Customers in the contiguous 48 states, and countries abroad have benefited from our speedy, yet proficient service. Complete the information and data sheet and send it with your mold for expert repair and speedy service.

injection mold repair
precision welding
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am - 4pm
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