R: 242    G: 236    B: 233
C: 0.0000    M: 0.0248    Y: 0.0372    K: 0.0510
HEX: #000000
R: 0    G: 0    B: 0
C: 0.0000    M: 0.0000    Y: 0.0000    K: 1.0000
Darkest Gray
HEX: #191919
R: 25    G: 25    B: 25
C: 0.0000    M: 0.0000    Y: 0.0000    K: 0.9020
HEX: #9E9A96
R: 158    G: 154    B: 150
C: 0.0000    M: 0.0253    Y: 0.0506    K: 0.3804
HEX: #F04341
R: 240    G: 67    B: 65
C: 0.0000    M: 0.7208    Y: 0.7292    K: 0.0588



Myriad Pro
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I've been dealing with Lewis-Bawol Welding for several years. The precision welding they have done for me on my plastic injection mold inserts has always been of very high quality. They are very knowledgeable in understanding exactly what is needed and are solution oriented. I have always been very satisfied with their work and the prompt turn around. I highly recommend Lewis-Bawol to anyone in need of this kind of service.
Max R.
San Antonio, TX
Laser Welding Mold Repairs and Modifications

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